Barcelona, Spring 2018.
About me
I work as a product designer in Pipedrive, the sales CRM that wants to make salespeople unstoppable.
Previously I've co-founded a  a web design studio at 21 years old without any previous agency experience. Taught myself as a designer and a web developer, an entrepreneur and a problem solver.

What do I do professionally?
I design and build stuff for the web.
I think that good design can make people's lives better, make businesses and initiatives strive.

How do I do it?
I research, analyse, prototype, test, and deliver.
Whom do I work with?
I work with customers to with whom I have mutual trust and understanding.
I do work only for businesses that make sense to me and to causes that I believe in.
I do not work for free.
What to talk about with me? 
I'm into technology, nature, architecture, travelling, cars and rock music.
I'm a tolerant person, vouching for equal rights and justice over anything. My view of the world is based on science.
Get in touch
You can contact me via this form, see my profile on LinkedIN. I also have a PDF CV.
I'm fluent in English and Estonian.
Thanks for getting in touch with me. Talk to you soon!